WCR-7 Foundation honors Pillars of Education, Cardinal Teachers and Incentive Grant winners

Pillars of Education

Sharon Barton

Deanna Brown-Woolsey

Ed Coleman

Carolyn Lankford

Royce Montgomery with Assistant Superintendent Brenten Byrd

Cardinal Teachers

Amy Stevens

Tamra Baer

Kristin Huff

Kim Spink

Bob Foos

The Webb City R-7 Schools Foundation handed out numerous awards during its annual honors banquet Tuesday in the Cardinal Dome Commons.

The foundation is in its 20th year, which was founded in 2004, primarily to raise money for the general scholarship fund.

Board member and previous scholarship recipient Miranda Lewis noted, however, that the general scholarship is dwindling. So the board has set a goal to raise $15,000 this year specifically to raise the balance in that fund.

Board president Lisa Montgomery also highlighted the 1877 campaign, which challenges all supporters to donate $18.77. The Webb City School District was founded in 1877.

You can go here to donate online.


Incoming Superintendent Brenten Byrd admitted while introducing one Pillar of Education, Deanna Brown-Woolsey, that he had begged his mother not to let him be in her challenging fifth grade class, but, “She changed the trajectory of my life.”

  • Sharon Barton
  • Deanna Brown-Woolsey
  • Ed Coleman
  • Carolyn Lankford
  • Royce Montgomery


  • Amy Stevens, Madge T. James Kindergarten Center
  • Ashley Ebbs, Mark Twain Elementary
  • Tamra Baer, Middle School sixth grade
  • Kristin Huff, junior high special education
  • Kim Spink, high school special education


In addition to scholarships for graduates, the foundation also funded $8,000 in competitive incentive grants for special classroom projects.

Heritage Preschool

  • Kristen Box
  • Deanna Dawson
  • Kristy Dycus
  • Erin Goddard
  • Shawn Land
  • Katie McAllister & Theresa Wheelen
  • Amber Moreland
  • Aricyn Turner

Madge T. James Kindergarten

  • Amanda de le Cerda
  • Alexa Gillman

Webster Primary Center

  • Kelsey Bittick

Carterville Elementary

  • Andrea Parsons-Briley
  • Ashley Cox
  • Sonja West

Eugene Field Elementary

  • Gavin Clouse

Mark Twain Elementary

  • Jody Payton

Middle School

  • Autumn Silvers & Kadi Samuels
  • Paiton Rossetti
  • Kendal Wolf
  • Rylee Munch
  • Cindy Worley

Junior High

  • Lanette Smith
  • Jose Speer
  • Kristin Huff & Hanna Tinsley
  • Chandra Spence

High School

  • Cathy West