The latest addition to Webb City High School is a wide-open space for use as a firing range for the archery and JROTC rifle teams.

R-7 District nears completion of several projects totaling $2.5M

The addition includes two new classrooms.

The archery/rifle range (portion without bricks) is tucked into a vacant spot on the back side of the high school.

As Webb City R-7 School Board members are about to promote their upcoming $11 million bond issue proposal, they’re about to complete a list of projects they’re paying for with existing funds.

It’s costing about $2.5 million to:

• Construct the six new tennis courts and light them.

• Construct a new parking lot for the tennis courts and the visitor side of the football stadium.

• Construct an addition to the swim center for locker rooms. New building and pool heaters and new flooring around the pool were previously installed.

• Construct a firing range for the archery team and JROTC rifle team. 

It closes in an area behind the high school. The entrance is on the main hallway, where the former principal’s office was. There are two new classrooms in addition to the firing range.

There’s been no on-campus facility for the archery team, and the rifle team has been using the former wrestling room above the girls gym.

• Upgrade the HVAC for Cardinal Theatre and the boys gym.


An addition on the south side of the swim center has been built to house locker rooms.

If the $11 million bond issue is approved by voters on April 5, the main project will be to replace the old tennis courts with new science classrooms.

That addition to the back of the high school would include a hallway connecting the classrooms and the swim center to the rest of the building.

Another big project would be to install turf over the old soccer field in back of the high school. Besides its obvious use for athletics and band practice, it would be used for high school and middle school physical education.

Two views of the space where School Board members want to build the next addition. If voters approve, it will replace the old tennis courts. Above, is looking out from the end of a hallway that will be extended to the swim center. A drone photo is at right.