John Biggs’ mural, which graces Main Street, on the east side of Prater’s Pharmacy.

Ancestors, Legends & Time


Jeanne Newby

When you think about the town you live in, do you think of it with pride? Are you proud to live in Webb City, Missouri?

Have you ever stopped to think about the wonderful assets that we have in Webb City? When I think of our assets, the first that comes to mind is our Webb City Public Library. What a beautiful building. The original historic part of the building is enhanced by the addition, which adds to the charm of the building instead of taking away from it. To have a functional library is a great asset. The library offers computer access, meeting rooms, and a genealogy area. Computer access is offered to the many students and adults that do not have the privilege of a computer in their home. There are meeting rooms where the library offers classes of all kinds. And meeting places for the many clubs, organizations and individuals to serve the city. What a beautiful library Webb City has to offer her citizens.

Webb City may not have museums like the big cities but we do have many offers of natural art. We have marvelous historical statues such as the Praying Hands and the Kneeling Miner. We have the Pillars of the Past. We have murals around town that show the beauty and the talent of many local artists. Jack Dawson’s History of Webb City on display in the Mid Missouri Bank is a history lesson to behold. The Route 66 mural on the side of the Prater’s Pharmacy is a beauty to behold as it features the E.T. Webb home, which is listed on the National History Registry, and connects Route 66 with other highlights along the way. John Fitzgibbon has a wonderful mural on display in the Barton Theater at the high school. Our R-7 School District is a combination of many small community schools, and Fitzgibbon has caught that nostalgia in his mural. Many Cardinals are in the mural as you scan the painting.

The mural on display on the north side of the Middlewest Building at Main and Broadway documents the beginning of the farmer’s market in Webb City. The uniqueness of this mural is that many citizens were allowed to paint portions of the mural to feel as if their talent is part of Webb City history.

The Pillars from the Past accent another artistic feature as they stand like soldiers in front of the high school representing the amazing school district that Webb City has been noted for forever. Webb City is noted for a school district that excels in academics, sports, arts, education and fellowship. Our students, staff and teachers are the best.

Our Chamber of Commerce and businesses bring out the excitement and development of the city. Through the years, Webb City has continued to bloom and prosper. We have music and dance available that allows our students to move on to bigger and better advantages to improve their talents.

Our parks are busy with sports, festivities, celebrations, and local talent. Our farmer’s market has made King Jack Park known nationwide. It brings many people into town to enjoy what the local farmers have to offer.

We have many talented, knowledgeable volunteers who help with city boards, organizations, and city office as well as school functions. Volunteers are the ones that help the city to thrive and grow. Our local newspaper in print may have left us due to the way of progress. But our local editor, Bob Foos has blessed us with a newspaper online, which allows us to still be in touch with our city, our progress, our entertainment and our history.

If you feel a need to become involved in this wonderful city of Webb City, contact the school, the city, the parks, the library or some of the local organizations like the genealogical association to see if you can help. Join a club, help at a festival… just get involved.

And if you are ever in doubt of what you can do to help Webb City… plant a tree, buy a picnic table or park bench in memory of someone special. Repeat the slogan: Webb City…We love it here!

Jeanne Newby

A lot of us appreciate the Bradbury Bishop Fountain, but Jeanne actually worked behind the counter making sodas while she was in high school. She knows everything about Webb City and is a member of the Webb City R-7 School Board.

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