The ZIPS Car Wash in Webb City is one of a kind so far.

Webb City ZIPS is the first of a new car wash design

Chris Michael, representing the contractor, Express Carwash, shows how the brush “fingers” will pull out rather than get stuck and pull off a vehicle part.


The grand opening of ZIPS Car Wash in Webb City last weekend was special for the company because there’s none other like it – yet.

Although ZIPS is among the growing number of businesses on South Madison Street, you can’t miss the red structure that towers above the rest. It also sports a green wave on the entry side and an array of red vacuum stations with a self-serve detailing center. There’s even a cleaning machine to feed floor-mats through.

Of course, there are also improvements to clean vehicles better as they travel through the Suds Show inside the 100-foot tunnel.

ZIPS, based in Plano, Texas, has 245 other car washes, but none of them look like Webb City’s.

Dozens more car washes with the new design and technologies are planned, but Mike Corey, chief development officer, said Webb City’s “will always be our first.”

The ribbon cutting on Thursday, July 21, included a $500 check presentation to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Jasper and Newton Counties.

What you don’t see while riding through the tunnel is a room full of water softeners, cleaning solutions and water reclamation equipment.