Leaves on Golf Road (raked properly to the curb – but not in the gutter) are scheduled to be picked up by the city on Monday or Tuesday.

Webb City’s leaf pickup launch blown back a week

Schedule starts Monday in northwest section of town

Webb City’s annual leaf pickup program was to have begun this week but the vacuum machine didn’t cooperate and had to be repaired.

The program is divided into quadrants divided east and west by Madison Street and north and south by MacArthur Drive.

1 – On Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 5-6, public works employees with the leaf vacuum will drive through neighborhoods in the northwest quadrant.

2 – They will keep going through the northeast quadrant on Wednesday and Thursday, Dec. 7-8.

3 – The southwest neighborhoods will served Friday, Dec. 9 and Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 12-13.

4 – Finally, the leaves will be sucked up in the southeast neighborhood on Wednesday and Thursday, Dec. 14-15.

There will be another pass through town after the above schedule, and if you are late raking your leaves to the curb you can call public works, at (417) 673-6297, to let them know. Patience is requested in those instances.

* Leaves are to be raked to the curb – not into the gutter, on top of water meters or around fire hydrants.