The Burger King building at Madison and 14th streets is being demolished Wednesday to make room for a 7 Brew Drive Thru Coffee.

What's going there?

7 Brew Drive Thru Coffee is replacing Burger King on Madison Street

7Brew Drive Thru Coffee buildings typically look like this.

Bob Foos

Most people would say there are enough coffee places here. But they’re wrong apparently.

On Tuesday, the former Burger King building at 1312 S. Madison St. began buckling beneath the claw of Steve Nelson’s excavator. For the past two weeks, Nelson Enterprises has been salvaging equipment left in the building.

Once the property is cleared, construction will begin for a 7 Brew Drive Thru Coffee. It will be much like the 7 Brew on Range Line Road south of 32nd Street.

In fact, the 7 Brew buildings are prefabricated, with the main structure not much bigger, if at all, than a mobile home.

There’s a canopy on both sides. Two lanes of customers will be served at the same time.

The building permit lists Brew Crew of Fayetteville, Ark., as the owner of the $750,000 store.

7 Brew will join two other coffee establishments on Madison Street, Starbucks (just across 14th Street) and Scooters, at Seventh Street. Craves and Crazy Llama are on MacArthur Drive, and Journey is downtown.

7 Brew is already hiring.