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Witnessing a guardian angel

Jeanne Newby

A spooky story shared by an acquaintance, as she tells of her own true and fascinating Halloween story.

As a young girl growing up on a local farm, Gina would hear someone calling her name. It was a quiet voice, but easily heard. Thinking it was her mother, Gina would ask her what she wanted, but her mother would respond with, “I didn’t say anything.” After a while, Gina and her sister just got familiar with hearing the voice calling their names.

One evening, when Gina was a junior in college, she came home late in the night and was getting ready for bed when she noticed a light out in the pasture. It was moving around as if someone was looking for something. Gina went from window to window looking out to see who was out there, after all it was private property and her family was in bed. She couldn’t get a good look, so she returned to her room to look out the window where she had first noticed the light. But, as she walked back into her bedroom, there was a light… in her room! It caught her off guard and Gina let out a scream. Her sister was asleep in the same bedroom and her parents were in the next room with an open door between the two rooms, but nobody heard her scream. She ran and jumped in bed with her parents and woke them. Having been awakened from a deep sleep, they said the same thing most of us would say, “It’s okay, there’s nothing there, now go to bed.” (Sound familiar?) How many times as parents have we reassured our children after they have a bad dream?) When Gina went back into the bedroom, the light was gone.

After Gina married, her parents built a new house and Gina and her husband now live in the old family farmhouse.  Sometimes they’ll lay in bed at night and listen to the voices coming from their living room. It sounds as if someone is having a party in their house and they weren’t invited. The voices are muffled and they can’t make out what is being said, but occasionally they will hear a woman’s laughter ring out as if they are having a really good time. Gina said she’ll look at her husband and ask, “Do you hear them?” Gina is not alone as her husband can also hear the special visitors of the night.

Many times, Gina will see sparkles floating around the house as if someone just threw a handful of pixie dust in the room. Their pet dog gets the worst end of the deal, as he’ll be resting peacefully and suddenly jumps up like someone just kicked him and he whirls around as if trying to see who did that. When the dog hears the voices, he’ll perk up his ears to listen. Sometimes he runs from window to window with the hair up on the back of his neck… looking for something.

One year, Gina said they were a little late getting their Christmas tree down. She was embarrassed to admit it, but it was February when they finally found time to dismantle the tree. They were working hard and getting pretty tired, so they sat down to rest. The tree had that vacant, bare look after the ornaments and lights were removed. As Gina looked toward the tree, she saw a cute little blonde hair boy with red striped pajamas just standing there looking at her. She said he had a questioning look on his face like he was waiting for something or asking, “Where are the presents?” When he made eye contact with him, he cocked his head and just looked at her. She checked to see if her husband had noticed their visitor, but it seems that this spirit was only meant for her to see. Not even the dog was aware of the little boy. She did notice more sparkles than usual around the house for a couple of days.

But the most unusual event occurred one night when Gina was having trouble sleeping. She glanced over at her husband and saw an Indian’s head peeking over the edge of the bed. Her first thought was that this isn’t really happening, so she looked away for a moment, then looked back. Now the Indian was in a laying down position, floating just above her husband. She jumped up to turn on the light and as she looked back, the Indian was gone and in his place, she saw a light that made a quick movement and disappeared into a standing mirror at the foot of the bed. She said she was amazed at how calm she was. She wasn’t scared, just in awe of what she had seen.

The Indian wasn’t a stranger to Gina, as she had seen him before at the foot of her bed. He had long dark hair, muscular arms with an arm band that had two feathers. His leather pants had fringe on the side seams. Gina wasn’t afraid of her visitor and had often had the feeling that maybe this Indian was her guardian angel.

One of the details that I have failed to mention is that on this family farm are some mounds… like Indian mounds. There isn’t much information on the Indian mounds. Most of the mounds in Missouri have been looted over the years (mostly in the early 1920s) and all history went with the artifacts that were stolen. Gina doesn’t know if her mounds have been desecrated, but her family has no desire to mess with the special Indian grounds. There have been many arrowheads found throughout the years, but that’s about all of the Indian artifacts the family has uncovered.

These Indian mounds are located all over the United States but mostly east of the Mississippi River. There have also been some located in Oklahoma, but I got really excited to hear that we had some Indian mounds in Jasper County. Here sits a wonderful piece of history still waiting to share its knowledge.

Gina said Indian custom relates that if you have any Indian blood and possess a kind, sensitive nature, you are most likely to be sensitive to the Indian spirits that are here on earth. Gina does have a family line that is related to a well-known Indian chief from this area, and she feels a special bond to this old farmhouse and the many “special guests” that come with the house. They aren’t for sure the age of the farmhouse, except they know it was built before 1910. It has been suggested that they tear down the old house and build a new one, but Gina feels that tearing down the house would be like losing a dear friend. And she adds, “How many other people have had so much contact with their guardian angel throughout a lifetime?”

Thank you Gina for being strong enough to share such a spiritual part of your life with us. And thank you for the history lesson. Did you get goosebumps while reading of Gina’s experiences?

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Jeanne Newby

A lot of us appreciate the Bradbury Bishop Fountain, but Jeanne actually worked behind the counter making sodas while she was in high school. She knows everything about Webb City and is a member of the Webb City R-7 School Board.