Eleven years after this picture was taken, community leaders intent on diversifying Webb City’s economy, no longer wanted to promote being The Zinc City.

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of the Webb City Public Library

Old News

Zinc City sign became outdated as mining waned

Webb City Area Genealogical Society

April 17, 2024

Many of us have wondered whatever happened to that iconic Zinc City sign at the West End of Webb City.

This recently found article answers that question.

Sept. 16, 1920, The Webb City Sentinel

Zinc City To Give Way
To “Get Down” Electric Sign

Brighter and better signs for Webb City!

It was a shiner up day with the Chamber of Commerce. Ed Wood brought the matter to a climax when he sprung the brilliant idea of pulling down that ancient city sign, “The Zinc City,” somewhat out of date now, and to substitute in its place across the city’s west end thoroughfare, that newer and better slogan of “Get Down and Come In.”

Judge Baugher led up to the finale by suggesting that this big west end sign be lighted up once more.  And Judge Baugher was in turn inspired by L. Solomon who urged that electric signs on Allen-Main street now dark should be lighted up again by the merchants who put them there. It will bring more business to the city and to all of us if those dark signs are lighted up. The people are here shopping on Saturday nights as never before, declared Mr. Solomon.

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