Dose of Truth Trust Last Friday, my wife and I took our grandson, J, to the St. Louis Aquarium. Since he is not yet 2, we knew he would not […]

America has been blessed

Dose of Truth America has been blessed During the deadly September attack, casualties mounted, with both the capital and the White House being targeted. What few know is how the […]

The danger of pride

Dose of Truth The danger of pride Until recently, I knew little about the Korean Conflict except that the U.S. entered the fight in 1950 to stop the spread of […]


Dose of Truth Priorities Our church staff is reading an incredible book suggesting tiny changes can produce remarkable results. In “Atomic Habits,” James Clear combines fascinating research with interesting principles […]

Happy Father’s Day

Dose of Truth Happy Father’s Day In 1995, 35-year-old Wendy Lawrence flew her first Space Shuttle mission and later flew three more times. She had dreamed of being an astronaut […]

Being available for our little ones

Dose of Truth Being available for our little ones On May 17, my wife and I welcomed our first granddaughter. Baby R weighed in at barely 5 pounds and had […]

Ask God to bless your marriage

Dose of Truth Ask God to bless your marriage You are not alone if you have forgotten the news from Sept. 20, 2016. Only minutes after we learned Angelina Jolie […]

A debt of gratitude

Dose of Truth A debt of gratitude Next Monday, the United States will officially observe Memorial Day for the 156th time. There were occasions before May 30, 1868, when citizens […]

You have amazing worth

Dose of Truth You have amazing worth When 15-year-old Amanda Jane Cooper saw “Wicked” on Broadway, she immediately wanted to play the role of Glinda. She enrolled at Carnegie Mellon […]

Helping vs. oppressing

Dose of Truth Helping vs. oppressing As I walked to my car following a very busy Sunday, a man called across our parking lot, “Are you the pastor?” I answered […]