15 years

Dose of Truth 15 years Tim Richards As I write these words I am sitting alone in my in-laws’ living room reflecting on my blessings. I feel happy and content after celebrating a delightful Thanksgiving with my wife’s wonderful parents. I am grateful for them, but I am even more grateful for their daughter, my […]

The power of proper perspective

Dose of Truth The power of proper perspective Tim Richards I recently began a sermon with this story told by author Randy Alcorn but in that sermon shared only the first part of the story. Now, as Paul Harvey would say, here is… “the rest of the story.” Years ago, a business man parked his […]

Grief and hope

Dose of Truth Grief and hope Tim Richards In the March 7, 2018, edition of the devotional guide, “Our Daily Bread,” Cindy Hess Kasper described the routine she and granddaughter Allyssa go through each time they say goodbye. They wrap their arms around each other and wail. The grandmother and granddaughter sob dramatically for 15 […]

The power of a kind heart

Dose of Truth The power of a kind heart Tim Richards In a recent national poll 81% of Americans believe life after COVID-19 will not return to normal anytime soon. When those surveyed were asked to select the word which best described how they are feeling: 62% said “disappointed”, 46% “exhausted”, 43% “worried”, and 41% […]

Making a positive difference

Dose of Truth Making a positive difference Tim Richards What do Elinor Donahue, who achieved national fame as Betty Anderson in the 1950s sitcom, Father Knows Best, and 66-year-old actor and director Ron Howard have in common? Both were regulars on the beloved Andy Griffith Show.  Donahue played Griffith’s girlfriend in the show’s first season, […]

Off our map

Dose of Truth Off our map Tim Richards About a year ago my oldest daughter, Johanna, gave me the fascinating book, “Canoeing the Mountains” by Tod Bolsinger, in which the author writes about today’s rapidly changing times. The book’s name comes from the experiences of Lewis and Clark, who were given the task of tracing […]

Give 100%

Dose of Truth Give 100% Tim Richards I fear we often pay too much attention to professional athletes. While some serve as remarkable role models, many despite fantastic athletic ability do not set an example anyone would be wise to follow. So, it may surprise readers to learn I am writing about two sports superstars […]