Has stealing become the new norm?

Dose of Truth Has stealing become the new norm? If you are like me, you are getting used to using self-check-out lines when you shop. Stores which hire fewer cashiers […]

Love is kind

Dose of Truth Love is kind Love is kind I recently listened to Carol Burnett read her autobiography, “This Time Together.” The star’s story is both entertaining and inspiring. Since […]

Better together

Dose of Truth Better together Sometimes a single word can bring a thousand memories to mind, words like: “Mom,” “Dad” or “Sweetheart.” Some names from the Bible are like that. […]

Hearing God’s voice

Dose of Truth Hearing God’s voice My friend, Bob Johnston, was pastor of the First Baptist Church of Rolla for over 30 years. He recently retired, but since then has […]

Dangerous up and down

Dose of Truth Dangerous up and down A few years ago, I read an “Our Daily Bread” devotional by Mike Wittmer about a mountain climber who reached the summit of […]

Commitment to a higher purpose

Dose of Truth Commitment to a higher purpose Each Christmas someone in my family gives me a book they know I will use for future columns. This year my wife, […]

God can bring good from bad

Dose of Truth God can bring good from bad Tim Richards I recently finished, “Before We Were Yours,” a fascinating novel by Lisa Wingate. Her book tells the story of […]

A fresh start

Dose of Truth A fresh start Tim Richards Those who read my last column may remember I wrote about Michael and Matthew Clark; two brothers with leukodystrophy, a fatal disease […]

Achieving maturity

Dose of Truth Achieving maturity Tim Richards Yahoo published a fascinating article in 2012 about two brothers living in England. In 2006, Michael and Matthew Clark were living normal lives. […]

God never forgets, Fear not!

Dose of Truth God never forgets Tim Richards Each year thousands of people who are not typical ballet fans watch the “Nutcracker,” the  most popular ballet in the U.S. It […]

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