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Revival at Asbury

Dose of Truth Revival at Asbury Tim Richards Did you hear about the recent Asbury revival? Continuous revival services began at Asbury University, in Wilmore, Ky., on Feb. 8, 2023. Before the revival officially ended 16 days later, up to 70,000 visitors, mainly young people from over 200 different schools joined the Asbury students for …

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Surprising endings

Dose of Truth Surprising endings Tim Richards For many years country music fans have enjoyed the beautiful harmonies of the hit, “Song of the South.” It was written by Bob McDill in 1980, but it was not until the country group, Alabama, released the song in 1988 that it became a number 1 country hit …

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Amazing kindness

Dose of Truth Amazing kindness Tim Richards While I like sports, I have many friends who love them. Sportsmanship is important in the world of sports. The Merriam Webster’s Intermediate Dictionary defines the word this way, “fair play, respect for opponents, and gracious behavior in winning or losing.” Though I like that definition, many years …

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Healthy marriages

Dose of Truth Healthy marriages Tim Richards Like most of you, I watched Sunday’s Super Bowl along with an estimated 150 million viewers, but the night before I attended our church’s Valentine’s Banquet. Our attendance was 150 instead of 150 million, but we shared a delicious meal, listened to some great music and thoroughly enjoyed …

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Sacrificial love

Dose of Truth Sacrificial love Tim Richards Eighty years ago, Feb. 3, 1943, on a frigid night in the North Atlantic, a German torpedo struck the SS Dorchester, creating a large hole beneath its waterline. The transport began sinking shortly after midnight. Many on board died when the torpedo exploded, hundreds more would lose their …

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Don’t give up

Dose of Truth Don’t give up Tim Richards Many people have heard the story found in Matthew 14 of Jesus walking on water. Most probably also know how Jesus told Peter he too could step out onto the stormy waves. It is unsettling to think of attempting to walk on water in perfect weather. But …

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